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    Telekom Austria TA AG
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    R 4/07

R 4/07 - Telekom Austria TA AG

In Decision R 4/07 of December 20, 2007 the Telekom-Control Commission requested Telekom Austria TA AG to make sure that, by adapting the technical performance parameters (fax, data services & GPRS/UMTS/EDGE as well as the individualisability of the mailbox) of the “Bob Fünfer” product to the ones of the AonMobil bundle part until January 1, 2008, retail customers of competitors of Telekom Austria TA AG can obtain a product bundle that is technically equivalent to the “KombiPaket” bundle product by using, in addition, the product “Bob Fünfer” in combination with a competitor’s bundle product.

Decision R 4/07-49 as well as its legal reasoning are available for download here:

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