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Recommendations for consumer calls

A growing number of consumers, businesses and interest group representatives have been lodging complaints about the high rates often incurred and the lack of tariff transparency when making calls to 05 numbers.  

Calls to 05 numbers – read the contract details!  

“One of the intentions of the amendment to the Communications Parameters, Fees and Value-Added Services Ordinance (KEM-V) is to remedy the lack of tariff transparency when making calls to 05 numbers. Another aim is to promote equality between 05 numbers and fixed-link network numbers,” Georg Serentschy, Managing Director of RTR’s Telecommunications Division, stated in describing the objective of the amendment. “We are expecting this measure to result in greater competition in this sector, so that network operators reduce their rates or offer flat-rate packages for this kind of service.”  
The proposed amendment to the KEM-V, under discussion until 13 September 2010, plans for a message to be played before connecting calls to 05 numbers that are charged at rates differing from those for fixed-link numbers.  
“Currently we can only recommend users to look up the terms of their contract or enquire with their operator about the charges for 05 calls,” Serentschy recommended. It is most important to consider the rates charged for 05 calls before choosing a product.  

Bothersome calls – hang up!  

The number of complaints concerning unwanted bothersome calls continues to increase. The caller’s number shown on the display in such cases is sometimes intentionally misleading and provides no information about who is actually calling. “With phone numbers, it is the same as with letters that are addressed correctly but delivered without a correct return address or any at all. It is indeed possible to connect a phone call even when the caller’s number is displayed incorrectly”, Serentschy observed, pointing out a new abuse. “We recommend that anyone feeling bothered by phone calls should simply not answer unknown numbers or hang up on them.”  
Additional information can be found on the RTR website under the following Link:

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