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RTR publishes Telecom Monitor annual report: mobile telecommunications sector generated roughly 60% of overall industry revenues in 2014

 “The annual report RTR Telecom Monitor provides yet another indication of the excellent position of Austria’s mobile telecommunications market. In 2014, the mobile telecommunications sector generated some EUR 2.5 billion, which is more than 60% of overall industry revenues. About 86% of all call minutes recorded in the year under review were handled via mobiles,” stated Johannes Gungl, Managing Director of RTR’s Telecommunications and Postal Services Division, presenting facts from the recently published annual report RTR Telecom Monitor.

Unquenched thirst for data in the consumer market

“It is also impressive to observe how data volumes in the consumer market changed: this figure rose by about 50%, from 110,700 terabytes in 2013 to 166,000 terabytes in 2014. Austria’s thirst for data can be expected to continue to grow exorbitantly. On the other hand, services once thought to be innovative, such as text and multimedia messaging, fell back considerably and are losing relevance,” Gungl observed, presenting other data from RTR’s most recent report.

RTR Telecom Monitor annual report available online

The annual report RTR Telecom Monitor additionally contains information on broadband and fixed network services, along with selected international comparisons and evaluations of key technology indicators. The report has now been published on the RTR website and is available at: RTR Telecom Monitor Annual Review