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First Art. 7a procedure positively resolved in collaboration with BEREC: mobile termination for Poland

A meeting took place on 11 January 2012 between representatives of the European Commission, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the Polish regulator UKE to discuss the issue of mobile termination.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop a common approach to regulating mobile termination rates in Poland, after the European Commission had expressed serious concerns about the proposed remedies notified by Poland (cases: PL/2011/1255-1258, PL/2011/1260, PL/2011/1273). These concerns resulted in the first Art. 7a procedure as specified in the new Framework Directive. The parties agreed that UKE would withdraw the proposed remedies and issue new decisions. These would set forth symmetric mobile termination rates, based on the European Commission’s recommendations regarding termination rates.

In collaboration with BEREC, currently being chaired by RTR, the first Art. 7a procedure was resolved swiftly and to the full satisfaction of all parties concerned.