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Open Data: RTR publishes data in electronically processable form

The Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommuncations (RTR) collects various data and market information as part of the scope of duties assigned to it by law. Many of these data have been published on RTR's website before, "What's new is that as of now we publish the majority of the data as "open data"; this means that the data is published in its raw form and can be processed electronically", announce the two CEOs of RTR, Mr. Alfred Grinschgl and Mr. Johannes Gungl. "The aims we try to reach with this improvement of our offer of information is to support the interested public and to simplify the use of the data", the CEOs elaborate. The data provided by RTR is now available both via download files and a state-of-the-art interface.

Data updated automatically

The data previously published on RTR’s website is now available as open data. Every set of data comes with a description. The update cycles for the individual data sets are determined by the nature of the data. Some of the data are updated on a daily basis, such as assigned phone numbers or the directory of radio broadcasters. Some other data are updated quarterly, e.g. postal-market data; others are updated as and when required, e.g. data about allocated frequencies for telecommunication services.
RTR’s data is available at https://data.rtr.at or via the Open Government Portal www.data.gv.at/, which comprises data by various authorities.