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The web version of the RTR-NetTest can be used only after explicit consent to RTR’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for the RTR-NetTest. Under 14 years can use the RTR-NetTest with the consent of their legal guardian.

1. General

The RTR-NetTest informs users about the current service quality (including upload, download, ping, signal strength) of their Internet connection. Additionally RTR-NetTest offers the option to repeat tests automatically (loop mode). Furthermore, in case a provider in Austria provides the Internet access, the browser test offers the possibility to undertake a certified measurement. With this, conclusive statements about the quality of the Internet access of a user can be made. They serve as the basis for a so-called "prima facie proof" of certain aspects of this Internet connection.

To comply with the legal authorisation enshrined in Art. 46 Par. 5 and Par. 6 and Art. 48 TKG 2021 as well as Art 4 Par. 4 and Art 5 Par. 1 Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 ("TSM regulation") and ensure users with the greatest possible transparency and information – while respecting their privacy – the RTR-NetTest is based on the open source and open data principle.

2. What data are processed?

2.1. RTR-Netztest und option loop mode

The following data are processed as part of the RTR-NetTest and the option loop mode:

  • Speed of data connection in both directions (downlink/uplink)*
  • Latency of data connection (ping)*
  • Test parameters (test method, test progress, test server, test configuration [e.g. test duration])*
  • Randomly generated client ID (Client UUID)
  • Evidence of acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Public client ID*
  • Client sync code and group
  • Randomly generated ID of the measurement series (Loop UUID)
  • Test time*
  • Automatically determined client location (if known) / time zone*
  • Exact client location (determined out of the optional manually entered address of the measurement)‡
  • Anonymised (dissected) location (determined out of the optional manually entered address of the measurement)*
  • Meta information for the client location (e.g. location accuracy, method of location fix, covered distance)*
  • Device type/model, operating system/software version of browser*
  • NAT Yes/No (direct Internet access or private address used)*
  • IP version*
  • IP address
  • IP network (autonomous system, AS) and anonymised IP address*

The data marked with * are published on the RTR-NetTest website and in the RTR-NetTest app and are made freely available to the general public as open data (https://www.netztest.at/en/Opendata) for information, use, dissemination and other applications.

2.2 Option certified measurement

In addition to the data listed under 2.1, the certified measurement processes the data that the users enters in the online form for the certified measurement:

  • First name and last name including title
  • Address at which the certified measurement is carried out
  • photos uploaded by the user
  • Information on the circumstances of the measurement (for example, the Internet connection)

3. Processing of and the purposes for processing of personal data

3.1 RTR-Netztest und option loop mode

The following personal data are processed: the Client UUID, the optional manually entered address of the measurement as well as the IP address.

Purposes for processing these personal data:
  • in respect to the Client UUID: possibility of compiling a test result history for the user; identifying associated tests to identify improper use or malfunctions; Percipience of the rights of the uses according to item 5.
  • in respect to the optional manually entered address of the measurement: If the location cannot be determined automatically to better than 2km, the user has the option to enter the address of the measurement manually. This with ‡ marked data (= exact location determined out of the optional manually entered address of the measurement) is converted into coordinates (processed) and is - only for the user who conducted the respective test - visible as a measurement point on the RTR-NetTest map. The entered address of the measurement is not stored. Third parties merely see a measurement point on the map, which is based on anonymised (dissected) coordinates. The dissected coordinates of the optional manually entered address are published as open data under https://www.netztest.at/en/Opendata.
  • in respect to the IP address: Technical enabling of the RTR-NetTest and ensuring the full functionality, in particular display of the map and quality measurements; in order to be able to assign the tests to individual operators (via routing information [AS] or host names); detection of improper use or malfunctions.

3.2 Option certified measurement

As part of the certified measurement, the personal data mentioned in 3.1 are processed. In addition, the personal data entered by the user via the online form (first name and surname including title, address at which the certified measurement is performed and photos) are processed. These are used to create the PDF document of the certified measurement.

4. Transferring of personal data

The under 3.1 optional manually entered address and the IP address are transferred, among others also to third countries:

The transfer of data to Google and Microsoft is based on adequacy decisions of the Commission - according to Art 45 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

5. Duration of storage

The IP address is stored by RTR for a maximum period of six months. In any case the Client UUID will be deleted with the final termination of the RTR-NetTest.

The personal data which the user provides in the online form (first and last name including title, address at which the certified measurement is performed and photos) are stored for a maximum of 48 hours.

6. Rights in connection with personal data

By providing the randomly generated client ID (= Client UUID) - which can be found under Options - the user has amongst others the following rights concerning her or his personal data:

  • information
  • erasure, thus to withdraw her or his acceptance to the processing of her or his personal data at any time
  • lodging a complaint with the supervision authority (https://www.dsb.gv.at)
  • rectification
  • restriction
  • data portability

7. Contact

Questions regarding the processing of personal data and data protection in connection with the RTR-NetTest can be send to:

  • E-Mail: netztest@rtr.at
  • Data protection officers of the RTR-GmbH: E-Mail: dsba@rtr.at
  • Address: Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR-GmbH), RTR-NetTest, Mariahilfer Straße 77-79, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Version 2021-11-01