Update of the Commission's Initiatives

The pandemic overturned the European Commission's schedule. This resulted in a few postponements in the 2020 work programme into this year. We have summarised the most important initiatives in the field of electronic communications and brought them up to date. From today's perspective we can expect:

February 2021Review of the Roaming Regulation
March 2021Europe’s Digital Decade: 2030 Digital Targets
April 2021Update of Europe’s Industrial Strategy
Follow-up to the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence
Initiative on a Trusted and Secure European Digital ID


- 11.02.2021: The College brings the Review of the Roaming Regulation forward to February instead of March.
- 25.02.2021: The Industrial Strategy Update was postponed from March to April. The link to the just puplished EC's proposal for the reviewed Roaming Regulation was updated.
-16.03.2021: Link to the Digital Targets 2030 updated after their publication.