EC's Work Programme 2021

This year's work programme of the European Commission focuses on new legislative initiatives and revises existing legislation. The pandemic also plays a role in this. Not only because of initiatives that had to be postponed. The Commission wants to do everything possible to nevertheless realise its ambitious goals and at the same time lead the Union quickly and successfully out of the crisis.

Therefore, there is a difference to last year's work programme. This year's initiatives follow a practical implementation rather than a strategic planning. We have collected for you the initiatives that are important for the large area of electronic communication. 

A European Green Deal
Circular Electronics (non-legislative)Q4/2021
Revision of the Directive on Intelligent Transport Systems (legislative)Q3/2021
A Europe Fit for the Digital Age
Europe’s Digital Decade: 2030 Digital Targets (non-legislative)Q1/2021
Data Act (legislative)Q3/2021
Review of the Database Directive (legislative)Q3/2021
A Trusted and Secure European e-ID (legislative)Q2/2021
Updating the New Industrial Strategy for Europe (non-legislative)Q2/2021
New Design Requirements and Consumer Rights for Electronics (legislative)Q4/2021
Carry-Over Initiatives from 2020
Follow-up to the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (legislative) & AI-Regulation ProposalQ2/2021
Review of the Roaming Regulation (legislative)Q1/2021
Common Chargers for Mobile Phones and Similar Devices (legislative)Q2-3/2021
Communication on Better Regulation (non-legislative) Q2/2021


- 25.02.2021: Link to the Commission proposal on the Roaming Regulation review added as it was puplished the day before. Better Regulation, eID and Industrial Strategy were postponed from Q1 to Q2.
- 05.05.2021: Links to the Digital Targets 2030, Better Regulation and the AI-Proposal added following their puplication.
- 28.10.2021: Links to the European eID and to common chargers for mobile phones added following their publication.