Ten more years "Roam Like At Home"

Next year, the current Roaming Regulation will expire. The European Commission therefore looked at how the original text performed in practice over the past years. Now it has published its proposal for an updated Roaming Regulation.

Improvements for end-users

The updated Roaming Regulation continues to provide roaming services abroad at national prices with fair use policies. There are new provisions on quality of service. It should enable customers to enjoy the same quality of their service as at home. So if it is technically possible, they should also be able to surf with 5G in the host country. In addition, there must also be free access to emergency services in the case of roaming.

Transparency for value added services is to be increased. This will be done by means of further information in the welcome SMS when crossing the border and on the other hand with a number database for value added services. This database is to be created by BEREC.

News in the wholesale market

New is the obligation for virtual operators and resellers to have access to the wholesale market in roaming for all technologies. In addition, wholesale prices should be reduced further. The prices are intended to promote competition and provide room for negotiation between the operators.

- Voice: from July 2022: EUR 0.022; from 2025: EUR 0.019 per minute
- SMS: from July 2022: 0.004 EUR; from 2025: 0.003 EUR per SMS
- Data: from July 2022: 2.00 EUR per GB; from 2025: 1.50 EUR per GB

After 2025, the European Commission can set new wholesale charges by means of a Delegated Act based on certain criteria with the involvement of BEREC.

Other provisions

If operators are evidently unable to offer "Roam Like At Home" on a cost-covering basis, they may be allowed to continue charging roaming surcharges upon request. This sustainability derogation remains in place. The obligation to sell regulated roaming services separately will be dropped.


Next, the European Council and the European Parliament will deal with the European Commission's draft. After an agreement, the regulation will become valid for ten years as of 1 July 2022.

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