BERECUpcoming BEREC public debriefing on 14 December 2022
ECNew world-class European supercomputer inaugurated in Italy
EC5G on planes, Wi-Fi on the road – Commission decision opens up new opportunities for innovation
ECDigital Services Act: Commission is setting up new European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency
ECInternet Governance Forum 2022
ECNew Interoperable Europe Act to deliver more efficient public services through improved cooperation between national administrations on data exchanges and IT solutions
ECNew funding calls under the Digital Europe Programme to boost cyber resilience
ECStudy: the use of the sub-700 MHz UHF band for TV broadcasting and events
BERECBEREC and EaPeReg discuss future cooperation
ITUSynergies for outer space sustainability: Lessons from ITU experiences
OECDOECD Digital Economy Papers: Communication regulators of the future
BERECBEREC questionnaire on indicators to measure environmental footprint of the telecoms sector
ECCommission report: the status of implementing the rules on small cells for 5G deployment
OECDOECD Digital Economy Papers: Security of the Domain Name System (DNS)
OECDOECD Digital Economy Papers: Routing security
ECLaunch of new calls for proposals, with budget €277 million, to support investments in digital connectivity infrastructures
BERECDraft Work Programme 2023 for public consultation
BERECTonko Obuljen is elected BEREC Chair for 202406.10.2022
ECEuropean Broadband Awards: broadband deployment projects 03.10.2022
BERECBEREC to debrief stakeholders on the latest results of its work
ECLaunch of the 10th anniversary of the European Cybersecurity Month
ECSingle Market: Commission committed to transparency and cooperation with Member States
BERECBEREC and FCC (US) sign renewed partnership agreement
EC2022 State of the Union Address by President von der Leyen
ECState aid: Commission clears financing of Post Danmark's universal service obligation
BERECWorkshop for experience sharing on the implementation of Article 22 EECC – Geographical surveys of network deployments09.08.2022
ECEmergency communications – improving access through the single European emergency number ‘112’
ITUITU Journal: Tech researchers share insights in new webinar series
ECDigital Economy and Society Index 2022: overall progress but digital skills, SMEs and 5G networks lag behind
BERECBEREC recommends strengthening independence of enforcing bodies in Data Act
ECState aid: Commission approves Belgian postal service compensation to bpost
ECCommission welcomes political agreement on the Digital Decade policy programme driving a successful digital transformation in Europe
BERECBEREC’s commitment to sustainability underlined in Twin Transition Statement by EU Member States13.07.2022
ECAntitrust: Commission accepts commitments from T-Mobile CZ, CETIN and O2 CZ on Czech network sharing
BERECSupport measures for Ukrainian refugees by European telecom operators04.07.2022
ECCommission releases a new strategy to drive its internal digital transformation30.06.2022
BERECOpen Internet Regulation: Stakeholders' input to draft guidelines15.06.2022
ECDigital Assembly 2022: A closer look into the digital future
ECCommission welcomes political agreement on a common charger in the EU
BERECEC decides Ukrainian regulator NCEC can join BEREC
BERECBEREC invites stakeholders to its public debriefing on 15 June in Brussels
BERECBEREC welcomes the draft Data Act proposed by the European Commission
ECReport on the security of Open RAN11.05.2022
BERECBEREC Chair: cybersecurity is important to achieve meaningful end-to-end connectivity10.05.2022
EC5G Scoreboard and Quarterly Report of the European 5G Observatory
ECEU and international partners put forward a Declaration for the Future of the Internet
Arcep“Achieving digital sustainability”: Arcep publishes the first edition of its annual inquiry
ECDigital Services Act: Commission welcomes political agreement on rules ensuring a safe and accountable online environment
BERECCall for inputs regarding set-up of a database of numbering ranges for value-added services and of a database of means of access to emergency services for roaming users20.04.2022
BERECBEREC supports joint actions by Ukrainian and EU operators to ensure affordable connectivity for Ukrainian refugees08.04.2022
ECJoint Statement by EU and Ukrainian operators to help refugees from Ukraine stay connected
EPArtificial intelligence: the EU needs to act as a global standard-setter
ECStudy on Greening Cloud Computing and Electronic Communications Services and Networks: Towards Climate Neutrality by 2050
ECCommission approves €2 billion for Austrian broadband network roll-out21.03.2022
BERECUpdated Open Internet Guidelines for Public Consultation17.03.2022
BERECBEREC supports ISPs in implementing the EU sanctions to block RT and Sputnik
ECState aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Greek support measures in favour of postal operator Hellenic Post (ELTA)10.03.2022
ERGPERGP supports European postal operators’ initiatives to help Ukrainian citizens and invites them to take further action08.03.2022
BERECInvitation to the Stakeholder Forum07.03.2022

Europe sets out 6G vision at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

ECEU Funding for Broadband 2021-2027
BERECGuidelines on Geographical Surveys of Network Deployments – Verification of Information Published18.06.2021
ECCommission to Invest €14.7 Billion Partially Into a More Digital Europe17.06.2021
BERECList of Public Documents Approved During the Second Plenary17.06.2021
CMAScrutinising Apple and Google mobile ecosystems16.06.2021
BERECGuidelines on Geographical surveys of network deployments – Verification of information15.06.2021
BERECStudy on EU Consumer Perceptions and Behaviour on Digital Platforms for Communication15.06.2021
BERECConsultations on General Authorisation Scheme and Pandemic Experiences14.06.2021
BEREC"Clarifying the Scope of the DMA in Relation to NI-ICS Recommended."11.06.2021
BERECProposals to Contribute to the Debate on the DMA11.06.2021
ComregE-commerce Parcel Delivery in Ireland Report04.06.2021
BERECInternational cooperation – a Significant Part of BEREC’s Work02.06.2021
BEREC Public Online Workshop on 5G31.05.2021
ECOnline Event: Leading the Digital Decade31.05.2021
ECApply for the European Broadband Awards 202126.05.2021
ECConnectivity Toolbox: Member States develop and share roadmaps for the Toolbox implementation26.05.2021
BERECStrengthening Europe’s digital communications capability, resilience and inclusivity25.05.2021
BERECEnroll to the BEREC workshop on 5G: insights on innovation, New Business Models and Value Chains25.05.2021
ECState aid: Roll-out of infrastructure for high speed mobile communication services in underserved areas in Germany25.05.2021
BERECOpinion on the NIS2 Regulation and its effects on the EECC19.05.2021
BERECNow Available: Video Recording of the Workshop on End-Users in the Context of the DMA18.05.2021
EPDMA Progress Report by the European Parliament Published17.05.2021
EPEuropean Parliament Publishes its DSA Progress Report12.05.2021
ECConsultation on EU Digital Principles12.05.2021
BERECIIC/BEREC Telecommunications & Media Forum 2021 on 26 & 27 May11.05.2021
BERECPublic technical workshop on IPv6 deployment across Europe on 19 May11.05.2021
BERECWorkshop on end-users in the context of the DMA on 18 May11.05.2021
BERECOpinion on amending the Roaming Regulation published30.04.2021
BERECVideo Recording available: Workshop on Market Entry in the context of the DMA30.04.2021
BIPTStudy: How price sensitive are Belgium's postal service consumers? (FR&EN)30.04.2021
RTRArtificial Intelligence: Europe's way to a first ever Regulation26.04.2021
OECDGoing Digital Toolkit26.04.2021
BERECRegister now: public technical workshop on IPv6 deployment across Europe22.04.2021
ECCommission proposes new rules and actions for excellence and trust in Artificial Intelligence21.04.2021
ECVega: launch of the first world-class supercomputer in the EU21.04.2021
OECDConnectivity for All: Webinar on April 2220.04.2021
ECEU Cybersecurity Competence Centre and Network: Governing Board meets for the first time16.04.2021
RTRDMA, DSA, NIS2 & Roaming: Four Interesting Legislative Initiatives Compiled16.04.2021
BERECSharing regulatory best practices between Europe and Africa: BEREC at the ITU symposium14.04.2021
BERECStakeholder Forum: Video Recording and Presentations Available14.04.2021
BERECWorkshop on the Market Entry in the Context of the Digital Markets Act07.04.2021
BERECNew interval: report on the status of internet network capacity published06.04.2021
RTRDatabase makes parcel delivery tariffs comparable31.03.2021
ECUpdated procedural recommendation for electronic communications markets30.03.2021
ECMergers: Commission announces evaluation results and follow-up measures26.03.2021
BERECWork Programme 2022: Stakeholder Inputs Seeked26.03.2021
BERECBEREC Contributes to the Connectivity Toolbox26.03.2021
ECConnectivity Toolbox: Best Practices to Boost Networks24.03.2021
BSI Awarness Campaign on Cybersecurity launched (German only)22.03.2021
RTRDigital Targets 2030: Where does the journey start?22.03.2021
BERECOutcomes of the 46th BEREC plenary meetings17.03.2021
BERECOpinion on the BCRD published17.03.2021
BERECStart of three new consultations17.03.2021
BERECBEREC's Opinion on the Digital Markets Act16.03.2021
ECDigital Day 202112.03.2021
ENISANew Reports: ENISA Boosts the Uptake of the eIDAS Regulation11.03.2021
WIKUser Needs in the Postal Sector and Evaluation of the Regulatory Framework10.03.2021
ECEurope's Digital Compass 203009.03.2021
BERECRegistration to the 9th BEREC Stakeholder Forum is open09.03.2021
BERECRegistration to the first BEREC public debriefing is open08.03.2021
BERECBEREC invites stakeholders to early inputs for Work Programme 202203.03.2021
BERECCall for Tender: Study on Post Covid Measures to Close the Digital Divide02.03.2021
ECFinal Reports of the EU Observatory on the Online Platform Economy26.02.2021
RTRTen More Years "Roam Like At Home"25.02.2021
BERECBEREC welcomes the legislative proposal of the EC on Roaming Regulation review24.02.2021
BEREC5G is a significant economic growth driver23.02.2021
BERECNew General Authorization Database hosted by BEREC15.02.2021
ECConsultation on 2030 Digital Targets launched12.02.2021
RTRThe European Commission's Work Programme 202112.02.2021
ECEU Emergency Number 112 Marks 30th Anniversary11.02.2021
ACMAliExpress Informs Consumers More Clearly About Their Rights Following ACM Action11.02.2021
BERECNew Numbering Resources Database Available08.02.2021
RTRUpdate on Commission's Initiatives08.02.2021
ACMTelecom Operators are Allowed to Work Together for a Fast Roll-Out of Mobile Networks04.02.2021
OFCOMNew plans for seamless broadband switching03.02.2021
ECCybersecurity of 5G networks: Commission requests ENISA to develop a certification scheme03.02.2021
ACMReport on Sponsored Ranking: Effects on Consumer Welfare02.02.2021
ARCEPAppointment of Laure de la Raudière in France28.01.2021
ECProgramme Approved: European Battery Innovation26.01.2021
ECRecommendation on Relevant Markets29.12.2020
BERECBEREC & FCC: Better Connectivity for a Better Future23.12.2020
BERECWork Programme 202122.12.2020
FCCUSA: Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel on Designation to Lead FCC21.12.2020
ECDelegated Act on Eurorates published21.12.2020
ComComFederal Communications Commission Appoints Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli as its President (CH)18.12.2020
BERECOnline Workshop: Cybersecurity of 5G Networks10.12.2020
BERECLive Stream: 4th Public Debriefing10.12.2020
ECEuropean Cybersecurity Atlas07.12.2020
ECConsultation: Review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive02.12.2020
BERECCovid-19: Summary Report on Internet Capacity (November)01.12.2020
ECSummary Report: Roaming Regulation - Review and Prolongation26.11.2020
ECConsultation: European data spaces25.11.2020 
BEREC5G development in the EU12.11.2020
ERGPResponse to the Public Consultation on the PSD Evaluation05.11.2020
BEREC5G challenges during the pandemics05.11.2020
BERECOTT Workshop04.11.2020
BEREC BEREC invites to public virtual workshop on traffic identification30.10.2020
BERECReport: Status of the Internet Capacity - October 202030.10.2020