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Operator services

On the following pages, we offer information about regulatory requirements and our services for telecommunications providers. 

General authorization

Under the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003 (TKG 2003), providers of public communications networks and services are subject to various obligations vis-à-vis the regulatory authority, including a notification obligation

A directory of all the companies active in the field of electronic communications in Austria is available at: General Authorization – list of notified services

General terms and conditions and tariffs

Article 25 TKG 2003 obliges providers of public communications networks and services to notify the regulatory authoriy of their terms (general terms and conditions, service descriptions and tariff conditions). 

Information obligations

In addition to the notification obligations imposed on providers of communications services under the Telecommunications Act 2003, the Communications Survey ordinance also defines specific information obligations

Financing contributions

Operators/providers of public communications services are generally subject to financing contribution requirements. Information on the calculation of these contributions and the relevant procedure can be found on the pages regarding financing contributions.

Network and Information Security

Under the Telecommunications Act 2003 operators are obligated to secure minimum measurements for security and integrity of their networks and services. The Network Security section gives information about these rules and describes the procedure of reporting security incidents to the regulatory authority. 

Practical Guide to Contract Summaries

A Practical Guide to Contract Summaries has been published (in German) to help operators meet new requirements and objectives of the (European) legislator. This handbook illustrates possible solutions for problems and questions that can typically be expected in practice. 

Telephone numbers

In general, communications parameters are necessary for the purpose of providing communications services. The Telephone numbers section provides information on the allocation of telephone numbers as well as general regulations in this regard. 

Regulatory Dialogue for Mobile Communications

The Regulatory Dialogue for Mobile Communications offers a framework for structured dialogue between mobile communications providers and the regulatory authority on topics which may become relevant to regulation in the near future. 

Working Group for the Technical Co-ordination of Public Communication Networks and Services in Austria (AK-TK)

AK-TK provides a platform to facilitate the cooperation of the Austrian telecommunications industry in the co-ordination of technical and operational requirements, in particular regarding the interconnection of networks. 

Our services for telecommunications providers

General Authorization

Information obligations

Security and integrity of networks and services

Telephone numbers