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ENUM (Telephone Number to Universal Ressource Identifier Mapping)


ENUM is an international Internet standard which allows worldwide mapping of telephone numbers to internet addresses (ENUM-domains). It can be used to initiate any type of connection.

ENUM service in Austria

The national ENUM-domain has been assigned to RTR by RIPE NCC in 2002.
After a testing period between 2002 and 2004 the commercial use of ENUM-based Internet-services was offered by GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Internetprivatstiftung Austria (IPA) on basis of a contract between RTR and
Because has terminated the contract by end of 2014 RTR has evaluated the need of future ENUM services. After some months of negotiations a new contract regarding the continuation of ENUM Tier 1 Registry with Kernnetz Invent GmbH could be concluded. The contract is available for download at the end of this site (German version only).

Number range (0)780

The 780 number range is dedicated specifically to convergent services under RTR's 6th Ordinance of May 12, 2004, which defines regulations for communication parameters, fees and premium-rate services. The delegation of the corresponding ENUM domain is a requirement for assigning numbers in this range. No telephone services are required in the 780 number range, but at least one convergent service must be offered.
For assigning numbers in the range (0)780 RTR and the operator of the Tier 1 Registry strongly work together. With prior authorisation of the registrant the corresponding number can be applied at RTR together with the application of the ENUM-domain. RTR will then assign the number to the operator.

For information about the development of ENUM in Austria and the corresponding press release, please use the links at the end of this site.