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Special communications parameters (SCPs)

As of June 30, 2012, the Special Communications Parameters Ordinance 2012 (SKP-V 2012, including explanatory remarks) pursuant to Art. 135 Par. 2 of the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003 (TKG 2003, BGBl. I No. 70/2003) went into effect.
This ordinance contains assignment and usage criteria for the following communications parameters:

  • International Signalling Point Code (ISPC)
  • National Signalling Point Codes (NSPC)
  • Data Network Identification Code (DNIC)
  • Mobile Network Code (MNC)
  • Tetra Mobile Network Code (T-MNC)
  • International Closed User Group Number (ICN)
  • Network Indicator (NI).

Applications in connection with communications parameters are to be submitted in writing to:
Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications
Mariahilfer Strasse 77-79
A-1060 Vienna; Austria
Fax: +43 1 58058-9393

A list of all assigned special communications parameters can be retrieved via the following link (Special Communications Parameters Ordinance (SKP-V) with explanatory remarks):