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International numbers

The Communications Parameters, Fees and Value-Added Service Ordinance 2009 (KEM-V 2009) also defines how the telephone numbers of subscribers abroad can be reached from Austria.
Numbering structure

International prefixCountry CodeNational Significant Number

Country code (CC): This is a two or three-digit number which uniquely identifies each country. The country code for Austria is "43".
National significant number (NSN): National number in the country addressed by the CC
Country codes are administered and assigned by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T). A list of all assigned country codes can be found on the following page:

ITU-International Numbering Resources

Country codes are not only assigned to countries, but also to certain international telecommunications services, such as the Universal International Freephone number "00 800.“ Further information can also be found on the page indicated above.
The ECTRA recommendation regarding toll-free services under the "00 800“ number can be found here: ECTRA/REC(00)01

A historical country code is "00 388“ (valid up 31.12.2010), which was devoted to the purpose of setting up a uniform European numbering space (ETNS).