Spectrum 3400-3600 MHz

The spectrum in the 3,4-3,8 GHz band was auctioned in spring 2019 on the basis of regional usage rights. Demand for regional spectrum was varying highly among regions. In some regions not all spectrum was allocated. In the consultation of the spectrum release plan in 2021 the use of the remaining spectrum - from 10 to 60 MHz depending on the region - was consulted.

The frequency band 3410 - 3800 MHz can be used for 5G (NR bands n77 and n78) or 4G (LTE bands 42 and 43, see figure below:

Frequenzband 3410-3800
© 3410-3800 MHz (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The sub-band 3410 - 3600 MHz can be used since Jan 1st 2020 (after the expiration of existing usage rights), the sub-band 3600 - 3800 MHz can be already used since April 8th, 2019.

The following figure shows the results of the assignment procedure of the year 2019:

3400 Outcome
© RTR GmbH (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Open Data

According to the terms of chapter 6 of the appendix to the frequency allocation decsions F7/16 operators have the obligation to publish coverage maps and open data under the CC BY 4.0 license on their web page regarding the frequency band 3400 - 3800 MHz. Data is provided according to an interface definition.

Operator Web page
Open Data
A1 Telekom Austria
T-Mobile Austria GmbH





Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH
LIWEST Kabelmedien GmbH
Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation
MAss Response Service GmbH
https://www.massresponse.com/versorgungsdaten3-5ghz/ https://www.massresponse.com/versorgungsdaten3-5ghz/OpenDataRasterdatenMASS.csv
Holding Graz - Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbHhttps://citycom-austria.com/festnetz-versorgungsnetz/https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GrazNewRadio/Versorgungskarte/main/GrazNewRadio_Versorgungskarte.csv 

Please note that these data rates are publications by the respective operators. The information refers to an area of 100m x 100m. For questions - such as the tariff with which bandwidths can be achieved or whether installation is possible at your specific location - please contact the respective network operator.

Historic assignments

Previously, in 2004 (F5/04), 2008 (F1/08), 2009 (F1/09), 2013 (F1/13) and 2014 (F3/13) the band 3410–3494/3510–3594 MHz was assigned. These usage rights were on a regional basis (Regions until Dec 31st, 2019) and will expire by Dec 31st, 2019.

An overview regarding procedures for this frequency band can be found here.

Last update: May 3rd, 2021