Regions (2020-2039)

The following figure shows the regions of the award procedure from 2019:

Regions 2020
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The following table describes the regions:

A01uRegion 1 urbanVienna+, St. Pölten
A01rRegion 1 ruralVienna, Burgenland and Lower Austria NÖ except A01u
A02uRegion 2 urbanLinz+, Wels+
A02rRegion 2 ruralUpper Austria except A02u
A03uRegion 3 urbanCity of Salzburg+
A03rRegion 3 ruralSalzburg except A03u
A04uRegion 4 urbanInnsbruck+, Bregenz+
A04rRegion 4 ruralNorth Tyrol and Vorarlberg except A04u
A05uRegion 5 urbanVillach, Klagenfurt
A05rRegion 5 ruralEast Tyrol and Kärnten except A05u
A06uRegion 6 urbanGraz+
A06rRegion 6 ruralStyria except A06u

For some urban regions, additional adjoining communities were included. Those urban regions are indicated in the table by a plus sign. The detailed list of municipalities per region can be found in Annex G to the tender documents.