Regions (2004-2019)

This spectrum was assigned by region in Procedures F5/04, F1/08, F1/09,  F1/13 and F3/13, but with a different delimitation of regions in each case.
In procedure F5/04, assignments were carried out for six regions, whereas in the procedures F1/08 und F 1/09 the territory (Austria excluding the province of Vorarlberg) was subdivided into regions based on the borders between federal provinces, with Vienna / Lower Austria assigned as a single region and Eastern / Northern Tyrol as separate regions. In procedure F1/13 only frequencies in Upper Austria have been assigned, in F3/13 only in Carinthia.

In addition, the frequency spectrum - except in the province of Vorarlberg - was subdivided into three frequency blocks (labelled as block 1, 2 and 3). Due to proximity to national borders and the position of preferred channels, the spectrum in Vorarlberg was subdivided into two frequency blocks (labelled as block 4 and 5).

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The assignments which expired by 2019-12-31 for these blocks are shown on the following pages:

In Vorarlberg:

A GIF file showing the division of regions (a to r) throughout Austria can be downloaded below.