Block 3

Frequency Block 3

Frequency range: 3473-3494/3573-3594 MHz

This frequency block was available throughout Austria except in the province of Vorarlberg.

The table below shows the users (expiring 2019-12-31) of this block (broken down by region).

UserRegion(s)Procedure(s)Label used in assignment procedure
Camyno GmbHp, rF5/04, F1/10-4, F7/12-103C
netcompanyk, m, n, qF5/04, F1/10-4, F9/12-105C
Westnete, lF5/04, F1/10-4, F11/12-76C
Salzburg AGoF1/08, F2/09G3
LinzNetb, c, gF1/13B, C, G
availableh, i