5G frequency award 3.4 - 3.8 GHz - outcome of auction

The auction yielded the following result:

3400 Outcome
© RTR GmbH (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Region(*)A1 TelekomHutchison DreiT-MobileMASS ResponseLIWESTSalzburg AGHolding Graz
A01u (Vienna + St. Pölten)140 MHz100 MHz110 MHz
A01r (Lower Austria + Burgenland)140 MHz100 MHz110 MHz30 MHz
A02u (Linz + Wels)100 MHz100 MHz110 MHz80 MHz
A02r (Upper Austria)100 MHz100 MHz110 MHz80 MHz
A03u (City Salzburg)100 MHz100 MHz110 MHz80 MHz
A03r (Province Salzburg)100 MHz100 MHz110 MHz80 MHz
A04u (Innsbruck + Bregenz)120 MHz100 MHz110 MHz
A04r (Tyrol + Vorarlberg)120 MHz100 MHz110 MHz
A05u (Klagenfurt + Villach)120 MHz100 MHz110 MHz
A05r (Carinthina + East Tyrol)120 MHz100 MHz110 MHz
A06u (Graz)120 MHz100 MHz110 MHz50 MHz
A06r (Styria)100 MHz100 MHz110 MHz40 MHz40 MHz

(*) The region names in the table are simplified. The exact region names and delimitations can be found in the tender documents.

BidderFee (EUR)
A1 Telekom64.345.972
Hutchison Drei51.910.054
MASS Response1.845.000
Salzburg AG4.359.449
Holding Graz2.998.100