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Follow-up: Merger H3G/Orange

This site provides information relating to the authorities’ follow-up activities concerning the takeover of Orange by Hutchison 3G. The information is either provided by the Austrian regulatory authority (RTR or TKK) itself, or information is published (mirrored) that is considered essential by the European Commission or the monitoring trustee of the procedure for compliance of H3G with the commitments made.

Specifically, this site provides information on H3G's obligatory wholesale access for MVNOs as well as further information which might be relevant for potential new entrants. Please also refer to the section frequency allocation on the RTR website.

In accordance with the legal obligations stipulated in Art. 1 Par. 1 and Art. 123 Par. 2 of the Austrian Telecommunications Act 2003 (TKG 2003) as amended and in order to facilitate the implementation of the Decision of the European Commission in the proceedings of Case No. M.6497, the regulatory authority considers itself obliged to provide the best possible support for MVNOs or MNOs to enter the market.

If you have any questions regarding the market, regulation or other issues relating to market entry, RTR will be at your disposal. Should your questions go beyond RTR’s sphere of responsibility, RTR will try to assist and establish contact with the respective body.

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Information for MVNOs:

Information for potential new entrants as MNOs: