Applicants are asked to request disbursements only once all of the documentation required for the payment can be submitted. Please note that grant installments can only be disbursed if the request form has been signed by an authorized representative of the applicant's organization (note: please do not submit invoices!).

Production grants

Once approved, grant funds are generally disbursed in three installments after the grant agreement goes into effect:

  • First installment (3/6 of the total grant) once the grant agreement takes effect
  • Second installment (2/6) at the start of shooting, after submission of a shooting schedule, overall schedule and treatment, the crew and cast list as well as the final version of the screenplay;
  • Third installment (1/6) after completion of the television project, after submission of the final cost statement, acceptance confirmation(s) from co-financing television broadcaster(s) as well as two DVD copy of the completed project.

Exploitation grants

Exploitation grants are disbursed only upon evidence of the costs incurred and fulfillment of the grant contract conditions. Invoices and evidence of payments have to be attached to the request for disbursement. If the request for disbursement of exploitation grants does not reach FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA within 6 months of application, applications are considered as withdrawn.