Television Fund

The FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA (i.e. Austrian Television Fund) was established within the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) by an amendment to the KommAustria Act (KOG) as of January 1, 2004. RTR administers the fund and receives EUR 13.5 million from the fees collected in accordance with § 3 Par. 1 of the Austrian Broadcasting Fees Act (RGG). These funds were previously allocated to the federal budget. RTR is responsible for investing the funds and awarding grants for the purpose of promoting television productions. The funding decisions are taken by the manager of RTR's Media Division with due attention to the Fund’s objectives and after the Review Board has submitted an opinion.

Grants can be awarded to cover a maximum of 20 percent (in exceptional cases up to 30 percent) of reasonable overall production costs. Grants are limited to EUR 1,000,000 per television film and EUR 200,000 per documentary. The grants are awarded in the form of non-repayable subsidies. Independent production companies with the appropriate professional qualifications are eligible to apply for grants.

The Fund is intended to make a contribution to improving the quality of television production and the capacity of the Austrian film industry, as well as reinforcing Austria as a media location and ensuring the diversity of the cultural landscape. In addition, the grants are also intended to contribute to the strengthening of the audiovisual sector in Europe. The Fund’s aims are to increase the added value created in Austria by allocated funds, to make exploitation grants accessible for productions as well as to increase television broadcasters’ share of financing for the production of supported projects. In addition, FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA strives to bring additional financial resources to Austria via co-productions.

RTR worked out guidelines for grants from the FERNSEHFONDS AUSTRIA which were reported to the European Commission.

The guidelines are valid until 31 December 2018. 


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