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Bild zu Ezra
Copyright: © Miguel Mata-Langlois
ProducerAMOUR FOU Filmproduktion GmbH
Overall costs€ 2.185.574,02
Publicly sponsored€ 97.500,00
coproducerCine Cartoon Filmproduktion GmbH
Television stationARTE G.E.I.E
Length100 minutes
Year2006 (2. Antragstermin)

EZRA is a young Sierra-Leonean who fought and survived through the civil wars that have torn his country down. He is trying as hard as he can to find a way to go back to a normal life as he spends everyday between a psychological rehabilitation unit and a UN reconciliation tribunal. During the rehabilitation trial, Ezra has to face his sister accusing him of their parents" murder. Ezra who fought this war completely drunk and drugged up, does not remember these events and rejects his sister"s allegations. During the long months of trial, the psychologists and psychiatrists of the medical unit, in line with the witnesses" testimonies during the trial, will force Ezra to reconstruct his memory. This painful remembrance labor will finally allow Ezra to accept the monstrosities he has completed and this acceptation will open to his sister and to the people from his village a space for forgiveness and for Ezra"s possible homecoming.