Demand-side survey of telecommunications markets in Austria (NASE 2020)

18. 09. 2020

Along with regular supply-side data queries, RTR periodically commissions demand-side surveys to gain a deeper understanding of consumer habits and requirements regarding telecommunications services. 

An English translation of the foreword as well as the Executive summary of the full report is available for download. 

The full report on the results of the demand-side survey (along with accompanying documents) in German may be downloaded further below. Similarly, links to press releases and social media coverage in the side column are also available in German. 


Report and accompanying documents in German

Report and annexes:

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020 (PDF, 1936.2kB)

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020_Annex_I_-_Glossar (PDF, 414.7kB)

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020_Annex_II_-_Abbildungsverzeichnis (PDF, 417.6kB)

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020_Annex_III_-_Angaben_zu_gewichteten_und_ungewichteten_Fallzahlen_in_den_Abbildungen (PDF, 496.8kB)

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020_Annex_IV_Fragebogen_CAPI_CAWI_Haushalte (PDF, 414.5kB)

RTR_Studie_NASE_2020_Annex_V_Fragebogen_CATI_Unternehmen (PDF, 533.5kB)



NASE_2020_opendata_Households_Data set (XLSX, 2725.8kB)

NASE_2020_opendata_Households_lables (XLSX, 25kB)

NASE_2020_opendata_Businesses_Data set (XLSX, 1309.5kB)

NASE_2020_opendata_Businesses_lables (XLSX, 26.6kB)