Open Data

Open Data - or Open Government Data (OGD) - is the idea that data collected by the administration should be made freely accessible to all interested parties. The provision of data substantially strengthens transparency and is, therefore, an indispensable pillar of Open Government, i.e. the opening up of state and administration to the public and economy.

In line with its mission, RTR has committed itself to competition and media diversity. In the course of this process, RTR collects data independently as well as on behalf of the Austrian Communications Authority (KommAustria), the Telecom-Control-Commission (TKK) and the Post-Control-Commission (PCK). A lot of the data obtained in this way are made available to the public in accordance with the framework conditions for open government data platforms.

The data are available as download files as well as via an interface.

RTR’s Open Data offer

Terms of use and licensing

API description