RTR-GmbH: Other consultations

Consultation document
Subject:F 1/16 - Public consultation on the tender document for the award in the bands 700/1500/2100 MHz
Date:23. 09. 2019

In the following, TKK consults the tender document (Annex 2) for the 700/1500/2100 MHz frequency bands and also discuss specific topics in the consultation document and expect valuable inputs from the market for the publication of the tender document in December 2019.

The appendices J1 through J7 can be viewed using a common GIS software (for example, the free Qgis).

At the request of several consultation participants, the consultation period was extended by two weeks. The comments can therefore be sent by 9:00 a.m. on November 4, 2019 by e-mail to tkfreq@rtr.at with reference to "F 1/16". Please use the prepared cover sheet (Appendix 1).