Regulatory issues

KommAustria addresses a broad range of topics in the field of broadcasting regulation. These issues include regulating market access for broadcasters (e.g., issuing licenses), which is closely related to frequency administration; legal supervision of broadcasters; competition regulation for broadcasting infrastructure; and enabling the transition to digital broadcasting transmission on all platforms.

In general, KommAustria's area of responsibility includes all forms of broadcasting (radio and television) on all transmission platforms (terrestrial, cable, satellite; both analog and digital) at the level of individual broadcasters as well as that of transmission networks and services. This does not include legal supervision of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF; supervised by the Federal Communications Senate) or the supervision of radio systems (which is the responsibility of the telecommunications authorities).

The pages in this section provide information on a number of current focus areas in Austrian broadcasting regulation. In addition to a brief description of our duties and activities, you will also find additional links to these topics in other areas of the RTR site.