Notification obligations

In various areas, the Postal Services Act (PostG) 1997 imposes obligations on businesses which provide postal services.

Notification of services: Art. 15 PostG 1997 stipulates that the regulatory authority must be notified of the provision, change and discontinuation of postal services.

Similarly, Art. 16 Par. 1 and 2 require that general terms and conditions of business as well as conditions regarding fees for universal services be reported to the regulatory authority. Under Art. 10a PostG 1997, the regulatory authority is also authorized in the course of its official duties to review those fees of the universal service provider which are not subject to approval.

Universal services are subject to additional notification requirements with regard to quality indicators and standards. Service providers are required to submit this information to the regulatory authority under Art. 16a Par. 4 PostG 1997 by March 1 each year. In addition, the universal service provider is required to submit a report to the Post-Control-Kommission on the indicators defined in Art. 6 Par. 7 PMG by March 1st each year.

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