International relations

International strategy of the Postal Division

RTR’s international activities are geared towards the following objectives:

Especially the postal area includes a very strong linking element as post is on its way on national, international and worldwide basis.

  1. On the basis of the European regulatory framework, the regulatory authority has to cooperate with other regulatory authorities with the aim of fostering and harmonising the framework in Europe.
  2. RTR can play an active role in shaping the international framework by contributing its expertise. This is relevant because the framework and standards drawn up by international bodies impact on the regulatory work at the national level.
  3. Thanks to close cooperation and the sharing of information, the latest international market and regulatory developments can be evaluated as to their applicability to Austria and solutions that are already available in practice can often be applied more quickly to Austria.
  4. RTR puts Austria’s experiences and best practices up for discussion with bodies from other countries and thus enhances the exchange of information at an international level.

Due to the large number of international working groups and collaboration projects, it is of utmost importance to prioritise our efforts by carefully selecting the groups and the subjects that are of relevance to the situation in Austria.

Information on RTR's international activities are also to be found in RTR's Telekom und Post Newsletters, which are available at (German only).