Post Office Advisory Board

 The Post Office Advisory Board was established as an advisory body to the Post-Control-Kommission in matters related to ensuring nationwide coverage with post offices. Under Art. 43 Par. 1 PMG, the Post Office Advisory Board must be consulted and submit its comments before the Post-Control-Kommission takes supervisory measures and in particular makes decisions regarding post offices. The Post-Control-Kommission may take those comments and opinions into account at its own discretion.

The Advisory Board consists of three members, with one member each appointed by the Austrian Association of Municipalities, the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns, and the Liaison Office of the Federal Provinces. The members of the Post Office Advisory Board perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

Members of the Post Office Advisory Board:

Bernhard Haubenberger (Gemeindebund - Chairman)  
Elke Schunter-Angerer (Verbindungsstelle der Bundesländer)
Thomas Weninger (Städtebund) 
Wolfgang Feiel (RTR)

In addition, an alternate member has been nominated for each member of the Advisory Bord:

Nicolaus Drimmel (Gemeindebund)
Albert Kreiner (Verbindungsstelle der Bundesländer)
Sabine Marchart (Städtebund - Vice-Chairman)
Michael Kuttner (RTR)