Legal enforcement

Without prejudice to the competence of ordinary courts, Art. 53 Postal Market Act (PMG) stipulates that service providers, users and interest groups may submit disputes or complaints to the regulatory authority which can not be resolved in a satisfactory manner with the provider of a postal service. Service providers are required to take part in such procedures, to provide all information necessary for an assessment of the situation, and to provide any documentation required. The regulatory authority's duty is to negotiate an amicable solution or to communicate its opinion on the case in question. The regulatory authority is required to publish guidelines for conducting these procedures on RTR's web site.

Supervisory measures

The duties of the PCK also include monitoring the enforcement of general conditions as well as the provisions of the PMG and the relevant ordinances. In order to do so, the regulatory authority can make use of the supervisory measures defined under Art. 50 PMG. In this context, the Post-Control-Kommission may issue instructions (in the form of official decisions) to enforce its rights and duties under the Postal Services Act, and the businesses concerned are required to comply with such instructions.