EU law

Austrian law regarding postal services is heavily influenced by the standards of Community law: On the basis of the competition provisions in the EC Treaty (Art. 81 [previously Art. 85], Art. 82 [previously Art. 86] and Art. 86 [previously Art. 90]) in particular, the European Commission and the European Parliament and Council issued two directives and one decision aimed at realizing a single market for postal services. The Third Postal Directive, which calls for the full liberalization of postal services, was passed in February 2008. An overview of the most important legal resources for the postal sector can be found below.

Documentation on relevant EU legislation:

EUR-Lex provides access to the legislation (Official Journal), judicial decisions and decision-making processes of the European Union.

The web site of the European Commission's Internal Market and Services Directorate General provides all of the relevant information from the European Union.

ECLAS is a catalog of publications maintained by the European Union.