Press subsidies

On January 1, 2004, the Austrian Press Subsidies Act of 2004 went into effect. The Austrian Communications Authority (KommAustria) is now responsible for administering the Austrian federal government's press subsidies.

In addition to distribution subsidies for daily and weekly newspapers (Section II) and special subsidies for the preservation of diversity in regional daily newspapers (Section III), the Press Subsidies Act of 2004 also provides for a number of new measures to promote quality and secure the future of the industry (Section IV).

Under the heading "Promotion of Journalist Education," the publishers of daily and weekly newspapers can now receive subsidies toward the costs of training new journalists.

Another new development is the subsidy for employing foreign correspondents.

For the purpose of promoting the reading of daily and weekly newspapers - especially at schools - associations which have defined the promotion of reading as their sole objective can also receive subsidies. Publishers which provide schools with daily and weekly newspapers free of charge can be reimbursed for up to 10% of their regular selling price.

Another new addition is the promotion of research projects in this field.

The requirements for such subsidies can be found in the Press Subsidies Act of 2004. KommAustria has issued additional Guidelines.

Submission period:
Applications can be submitted to KommAustria in the first three months of each year.

Application documents:
Forms, copies of records, publisher's records

Application forms for 2013 will be available starting in January 2013

Grants are paid out in two equal installments, with the second installment to be paid in November at the latest.

Grant award decisions are made by KommAustria on the basis of the Press Subsidies Commission's evaluation report on each applicant's fulfillment of the grant requirements.


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