EU telecoms regulatory body BEREC lays down work programme for 2011 and elects Georg Serentschy as Chairman for 2012

Press release dated 6 December 2010

The fourth plenary meeting of BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) took place in Bruges on December 2 and 3. The agenda at the high level meeting, attended by senior officials of 27 European regulatory authorities, included regulatory topics such as the EU legal framework, roaming, next generation networks and network neutrality. In the course of the meeting, elections were held to designate the chair of BEREC for 2012: Georg Serentschy, Managing Director of RTR’s Telecommunications and Postal Services Division, was appointed Vice-Chairman for 2011 and 2013 and Chairman for 2012. “I am pleased that my colleagues at the international level have so clearly expressed their confidence in me and that I will be able to take an active role in this position. This presents us with the opportunity to make a lasting contribution toward ensuring that the EU legal framework is applied throughout Europe,” Serentschy stated. “For Austria’s two regulatory institutions, RTR and TKK, my nomination is a clear sign of the extent to which our expertise is appreciated as well as recognition of the achievements made by RTR staff members.”

BEREC work programme focuses on three major areas

The topics included in BEREC’s projected work programme cover for the first time a two-year period, whereas a review of the focus of activities is planned for the end of the first year. The major topics of the work programme include improved harmonization among EU Member States, the further development of BEREC and implementation of the new legal framework, in addition to addressing new issues, such as broadband development, network neutrality and the question of developing the frequency spectrum. Harmonized procedures among national authorities are planned to be achieved by a number of means, among them through consistent application of regulatory requirements, by documenting best practices and preparing reports, through compliance with adopted positions and implementation of the European Commission recommendations concerning such areas as next generation access and fixed-network and mobile termination.

In the process of implementing the new EU framework, BEREC will play a major role in developing the single European market for electronic communications. These efforts focus on implementing the new EU Directives and the Commission recommendations in a consistent manner, ensuring uniform application across the borders of all Member States. The aim is to ensure, on the one hand, that consumers enjoy the same level of protection in all Member States, and, on the other hand, that businesses have a level playing field for providing services and competing with one another.

The topics of broadband access, network neutrality and frequency management (in close collaboration with the Radio Spectrum Policy Group – RSPG) will also be on BEREC’s agenda in 2011. In addition, a closer basis of cooperation is being sought with ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency.


In the framework of the EU reform of the regulatory framework for electronic communication (“Review”), BEREC was established on a European level to replace the European Regulators Group (ERG) in January 2010. The support Office of BEREC is currently in the process of being set up. Ando Rehemaa, former head of the regulatory body of Estonia, has been appointed Head of the Office.

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