TKK publishes tender documentation for 450 MHz band frequencies

Press release dated 7 March 2013

The Telekom-Control-Kommission (TKK) published the invitation to tender for the frequencies in the 450 MHz band in the Official Gazette of the daily newspaper Wiener Zeitung today, thus initiating proceedings for awarding the 450 MHz band frequencies.

Several paired frequency packages each with a bandwidth of 2 x 200 kHz are to be awarded. The minimum bids will total EUR 357,000.

In his explanation of the uses for such frequencies, Georg Serentschy, CEO of the Telecommunications and Postal Services Division at the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications stated: “Due to the low frequency and the small bandwidth, this spectrum is especially suited to niche applications that utilise a small number of base stations to supply data at a reduced transmission rate over a large area, even within buildings.”

In a first step after the end of the tender submission period on 8 May 2013, the TKK will review the applications received to ascertain whether they meet the economic and technical prerequisites. In the second stage of the frequency allocation procedure, the frequency blocks will be auctioned off to the qualified applicants, most probably in June 2013. The frequencies awarded in this procedure will be allocated for a limited period ending on 31 December 2029. The Republic of Austria will receive the revenues obtained through the auction.

Additional information as well as the tender documents can be found on the RTR website by following this link: