RTR releases new market statistics: Fixed-link broadband lines increase by 3% in Q1 2009

Press release dated 9 September 2009


"The Austrian broadband market – both mobile and fixed-link – has shown remarkable growth in recent years, and broadband penetration has reached 79% of households," announced Georg Serentschy, managing director of RTR's Telecommunications Division, citing market trends from the latest issue of the RTR Telecom Monitor. "The number of fixed-link broadband lines rose nearly 3% – to 1.811 million lines – between the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, and mobile broadband connections picked up 7% to 1.038 million in the same period.“

"The trend of rising traffic volumes coupled with declining revenues has once again manifested itself in mobile communications, among other areas," Serentschy added. "Mobile penetration came to 132% in the first quarter of 2009, and the number of SIM cards issued edged up 2% to 11.034 million. The number of call minutes rose nearly 3% to 5.302 million. At the same time, revenues saw a slight decline, dropping from EUR 865.3 million to EUR 832.1 million.“ This decline in revenues can be attributed to the reduction of termination fees and to falling revenues from international roaming.

Additional data on fixed-link communications, leased lines, mobile communications and broadband services can be found in the latest issue of the RTR Telecom Monitor (3/2008) at the following link (in German):