RTR Telecom Monitor reports figures for 2007: Investments rise 17% to EUR 878 million

Press release dated 11 July 2008

"In 2007, investments showed positive development for the telecoms market, rising 17% from EUR 749 million to EUR 878 million," announced Georg Serentschy, managing director of RTR's Telecommunications Division, citing figures from the latest issue of the RTR Telecom Monitor. "This substantial growth can largely be attributed to increased investments in mobile communications. In 2007, investments in the mobile communications sector came to EUR 530 million, up 24% from the previous year."

Substantial growth in mobile broadband: 585,000 connections at end of 2007

Mobile broadband services continued to show strong growth figures. "At the end of 2007, the number of mobile broadband connections in Austria reached 585,700. Compared to 2006, this represents an increase of 171%, or in absolute terms, 370,000 connections," comments Serentschy on the developments on the broadband market. "Of the 2.2 million broadband connections in Austria, therefore, more than one fourth were based on mobile technology at the end of 2007. The number of fixed-link broadband connections has also seen positive development, as this segment grew 17% to a total of 1,622,000 connections in 2007.“

The RTR Telecom Monitor now also provides data on the market shares of mobile operators based on the number of subscribers. In the fourth quarter of 2007, Mobilkom commanded the largest market share at 40.4%, followed by T-Mobile (33.4%), One (20.9%) and Hutchison (5.2%).

The current issue of the RTR Telecom Monitor (Q4 2007) can now be downloaded from the RTR web site using the link below.