RTR publication on "Best Practices in ICT": International tips for effective ICT measures

Press release dated 9 November 2006

In order to specify its ICT Master Plan more concretely, the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) prepared an ICT benchmarking study in the first half of 2006. This study examines the factors which have contributed to the successful implementation of ICT strategies in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Korea – all of which are at the top of international ICT rankings. "We have now successfully published ICT experience reports from the institutions responsible for ICT strategies in those countries, as well as Estonia and Switzerland, in our publication series," said Georg Serentschy, RTR's Managing Director for Telecommunications, on RTR's publication of "Best Practices in ICT."

"Those four countries have been dealing with the topic of ICT systematically for 10 years or more, as well as regularly adapting their ICT strategies to changing general conditions. In order to implement a sustainable, comprehensive ICT strategy, we can certainly learn a few things from these examples," comments Serentschy.

Early birds in ICT: Korea and Sweden

In Korea, the first Internet-related initiatives were launched as early as 1993, and in Sweden the first IT commission was founded to develop ICT strategies in 1994. One year later, Finland followed with its first ICT master plan, which focused on increasing productivity and effectiveness. Due to their early launch of ICT initiatives and concentration of relevant national efforts on ICT, these countries have been able to take a large number of measures and now enjoy top international ICT rankings.

"The economic structure of Denmark, with its many small and medium-sized companies, is most comparable with that of Austria. Through the targeted promotion of medium-sized ICT startups and innovative business areas, coupled with the appropriate educational focuses and measures in order to ensure that qualified personnel is available, Denmark was able to provide essential stimuli for enhancement as a business location in the long term," comments Serentschy on the situation in Denmark.

Conclusions and recommendations for Austria

"The best practices applied in those countries and the recommendations which can be derived for the sustainable introduction of ICT in Austria serve as confirmation of the ICT Master Plan which we presented to the public about one year ago," says Serentschy.

"The key points are concentrating ICT policy on defined focus areas, promoting research in ICT-related fields, taking the appropriate educational measures, creating infrastructure and increasing PC penetration among the entire population, and cooperating within formal and informal frameworks, and ensuring close coordination among all stakeholders," Serentschy concludes.

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