Telekom-Control Commission regulates unrestricted operator portability with regard to service numbers

Portability of the number ranges 5xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx, 15xx and 118xx

Press release dated 12 May 2000


In the meeting of 9 May 2000, the Telekom-Control Commission unanimously agreed on the conditions under which portability of service numbers between network operators shall be implemented. The order comprises the number ranges 5xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx, 15xx and 118xx conforming to the Numbering Ordinance.

Because of Telekom Austria's obligation to provide for non-discrimination the procedure between TA on the one hand and European Telecom, max.mobil, Telekabel and UTA on the other affects all operators. The order shall be put into practice within two weeks and shall be applied on a reciprocal basis.

For porting the service number the "recipient" operator shall pay to the "donor" operator ATS 119.14 (exclusive of VAT) per POTS or ISDN connection with copper twin wire.

Pursuant to art. 9 Numbering Ordinance, the operators shall guarantee number portability within the ranges reserved for personal services, for services with special tariffs and value-added services as well as with regard to special numbers in the public interest.