Telekom-Control GmbH begins Wireless Local Loop (WLL) frequency allocation procedure

Press release dated 15 September 2000


On September 15, 2000, Telekom-Control GmbH began its publication of the invitation to tender for Wireless Local Loop frequency allocations in the Official Gazette of the Wiener Zeitung. In the process, 5 frequency packages of varying size in the 26 GHz frequency range will be awarded for each of six regions (amounting to a total of 30 frequency packages).

The auction is scheduled to begin in January 2001, after the end of the tender submission period (which lasts at least two months) and the ensuing review of applications. The auction will be held as a simultaneous ascending multiple-round procedure via the Internet.

Telekom-Control GmbH completes public consultation

In order to judge the needs of interested companies with regard to the areas in which the frequency packages are awarded, Telekom-Control carried out a public consultation project in the process of preparing the invitation to tender (more information available at A total of 13 opinions were submitted, and the enterprises' input was used in designing the auction: The six regions for which frequency packages are being auctioned off were defined according to the demands of sociodemographics, geographical business considerations and technical factors. The enterprises' interest in obtaining frequency packages for all of Austria was also taken into account in the allocation procedure: Acquiring one frequency package per region will allow companies to offer their services throughout all of Austria.