Tender process for Wireless Local Loop (WLL) frequency packages to start in late summer - Auction in January 2001

Press release dated 20 July 2000

Telekom-Control GmbH is ready to begin the frequency allocation procedure for Wireless Local Loop systems in Austria. In the process, 14 frequency packages at a bandwidth of 28 MHz each in the 26 GHz frequency range will be awarded. The announcement of the invitation to tender in the Official Gazette of the Wiener Zeitung is planned for mid-September. The auction is scheduled to begin in January 2001, after the end of the tender submission period (which lasts at least two months) and the ensuing review of applications. The auction will be held as a simultaneous ascending multiple-round procedure via the Internet.

In the amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG) set forth in BGBl I No. 26/2000, the responsibility for WLL frequency allocations was transferred from the Telecommunications Offices to Telekom-Control GmbH in June 2000.

Public Consultation: Telekom-Control welcomes discussion

In order to judge the needs of interested companies with regard to the areas in which the frequency packages are awarded, Telekom-Control is carrying out a consultation project in the process of preparing the invitation to tender. The specific topic to be discussed is whether frequency packages should be awarded for the entire country or for individual regions only. All interested parties are welcome to submit their opinions by August 3, 2000.

WLL: a new bridge over the last mile

WLL technology allows network operators to connect customers to their networks using a radio communications system. This means of bridging what is called the "last mile," the connection between the subscriber and the local switching station, will therefore no longer use conventional subscriber lines.

The new technology supports voice telephony and – more importantly – broadband data transmission services, which translate into high-speed Internet access.