TKK approves transfer of frequencies from tele.ring to T-Mobile: Conditions require sale of two UMTS frequency packages

Press release dated 26 April 2006

Following the approval of the merger by the European Commission, the Telekom-Control Commission (TKK) today approved the change in ownership structure (i.e., the merger of T-Mobile and tele.ring) submitted jointly by the two companies on August 11, 2005 with regard to the transfer of frequencies. In granting its approval, however, the TKK specified certain conditions. This highly complex review involved numerous hearings as well as a public consultation on the draft measure.

In order to ensure that competition among Austrian mobile network operators remains as fair and sustainable as possible, the TKK imposed the condition that T-Mobile must offer two UMTS frequency packages for sale to its competitors Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH and One GmbH within nine months. If these frequency packages are not sold within the period stipulated, they will once again become the property of the Republic of Austria, without reimbursement. It was not necessary to impose conditions with respect to GSM packages in order to ensure fair competition.