Tetra license award: Auction in October

Auction planned for October 21 - Minimum bid: EUR 3.5 million

Press release dated 26 July 2002

Having announced its invitation to tender in the Official Gazette of today's Wiener Zeitung, the Telekom-Control Commission has initiated the frequency allocation procedure for the TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) system in Austria. In a two-stage allocation procedure, one frequency package of 2 x 1 MHz (40 channels) will be auctioned off, and the frequency allocation will remain valid until December 31, 2019. These 40 frequency channels can be used throughout Austria, with the exception of a 100km area around the Province of Vienna and the districts of the Greater Vienna Area (Wien-Umgebung), Mödling, Baden and Korneuburg.

Auction scheduled for October 21st

Once the tender submission period ends on September 26, 2002, application documents will be reviewed to ascertain whether the prerequisites stipulated under § 15 Par. 2 Nos. 1 and 2 of the Austrian Telecommunications Act (TKG) are fulfilled. The auction will then be carried out in an open, ascending, multiple-round format and is scheduled for October 21st.

Minimum bid: EUR 3.5 million

The Telekom-Control Commission has set the minimum bid for this TETRA package at EUR 3.5 million. Applicants can, however, offer a higher frequency license fee in their applications. The highest frequency license fee offered in these applications will then be taken as the minimum bid for the auction. The proceeds from the auction will go to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

Additional information (including application documents) can be found on the RTR web site.