Telekom-Control Commission regulates unrestricted operator portability with regard to geographic subscriber numbers

Press release dated 28 July 2000


In the meeting of 27 March 2000, the Telekom-Control Commission unanimously agreed on the conditions under which portability of geographic subscriber numbers between network operators shall be guaranteed. The procedure between Telekom Austria on the one hand and UTA, Telekabel, European Telecom and max.mobil on the other affects all operators because of TA's obligation to provide for non-discrimination. The order shall be implemented within two weeks and shall be applied on a reciprocal basis.

"With this decision competition in the telecom sector in Austria is given new impulses - what has been impossible so far, now is possible. As customer I am able to change to a different operator and keep my number", says the spokesman of the Telekom-Control Commission, Dr. Heinrich Otruba, commenting on the order.

Pursuant to art. 52 lit 7 Telecommunications Act (TKG), "number portability" is defined as the ability of a subscriber to change the fixed network operator while retaining his existing number. Subscribers who cancel their subscription with TA and change to a different network operator now, within their area codes, can keep their telephone numbers.

For porting of subscriber numbers the "recipient" operator shall pay to the "donor" operator ATS 119.14 (exclusive of VAT) per POTS or ISDN connection with copper twin wire and, in the case of serial subscriber numbers, ATS 23.13 (exclusive of VAT) for each additional copper twin wire.

For economical purposes the procedures have been split up into geographic number portability and portability of service numbers; the latter will be decided before long.