UMTS auction to start on November 2, 2000. Telekom-Control completes preparations

Press release dated 31 October 2000

After weeks of intensive organizational and technical preparatory work for the upcoming UMTS auction, Telekom-Control is pleased to announce that its preparations for the auction were completed today.

The auction will thus begin as planned on November 2, 2000. It will be held in the Ringstrassengalerien, a shopping center and office building in the 1st district of Vienna, from 9:00am to 6:00pm every day except Sundays. Bids will submitted by means of a software application.

Interested parties can track the current status of the auction on the WorldWideWeb. The UMTS auction tracking site was developed with the support of Vianet (

The following companies are participating in the auction: Connect Austria Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation GmbH, Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH, Mannesmann 3G Mobilfunk GmbH, max.mobil. Telekommunikation Service GmbH, Mobilkom Austria AG and 3G Mobile Telecommunications GmbH.