ICTs in Austria

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) have now become an essential part of our lives. Mobile phones, laptops, the Internet as well as many other useful devices and applications are now deeply embedded in our day-to-day routine, and ICTs will impact and support our work and leisure activities even more heavily in the future. The productivity gains resulting from the use of ICTs in business will also grow, and knowing how to handle these new media will become an even more important skill. In terms of infrastructure, this means that we have to be properly equipped to meet the demands of the future, so that citizens can reap the full benefits of these services.

Austria has the opportunity as well as the potential to become a forerunner and innovator in the ICT sector in the EU. The country is already home to a large number of innovative ICT companies: The label "Made in Austria" is valued highly in the field of software development, and Austria's medical technology sector has generated highly impressive achievements. The country's Semantic Web community enjoys an excellent reputation internationally, and many Austrian companies demonstrate their cutting-edge performance every day.


In its capacity as a competence center for ICT, RTR makes significant efforts to contribute to realizing a creative, knowledge-based society. In this section of our web site, we provide data on the ICT sector, recent publications, our own contributions as well as a collection of relevant documents on specific focus areas. This material is intended as an introduction to the topic of ICTs; for further details, feel free to contact us at any time.