The Telekom-Control-Commission (TKK) has been responsible for regulating the Austrian telecommunications market since 1997. The tasks and responsibilities of this regulatory authority, which is not bound by instructions from any other body, are specified in the Austrian Telecommunications Act of 2003. Among other things, the TKK is in charge of competition regulation, frequency assignment procedures, the approval of general terms and conditions of business, as well as monitoring the fees charged by telecommunications companies. Another important duty assigned to the TKK is its role as the supervisory authority for electronic signatures. RTR's Telecommunications and Postal Services Division provides operational support for the TKK.

TKK Members

This commission comprises three main members and three alternate members, each of whom is appointed by the Austrian federal government for a term of five years. The TKK is chaired by Nikolaus Schaller, a judge at the Higher Regional Court Vienna.

Term of office from 5.11.2017 until 4.11.2022:

  • Nikolaus Schaller
  • Erhard Fürst
  • Günter Haring

In addition, an alternate member has been appointed for each member of the commission:

  • Elfriede Solé
  • Mathias Grandosek
  • Franz Ziegelwanger

Lines of command

The Telekom-Control-Commission (TKK) is an independent panel authority, chaired by an appointed judge.

The Austrian Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology does not have the power to issue instructions to the TKK. However, the Federal Minister is authorized to gather and request relevant information on all matters handled by this authority.

Appeals against TKK decisions can be submitted to the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG). Further appeals against BVwG decisions may be submitted to the Austrian Administrative Court (VwGH) and the Austrian Constitutional Court (VfGH).