In recent years, the Internet has become an increasingly important means of communication between citizens, businesses and government administrative bodies. Through the consistent use of modern information and communication technologies, administrative processes have become far more efficient and customer-friendly. As a modern service institution, RTR has responded to this development by establishing and continuously developing the eRTR Web portal, which makes it possible to conduct official business with the regulatory authority unbureaucratically.

In order to use the Web interface, it is necessary to register and request a user ID and password. Once the data has been transmitted to the regulatory authority and checked, the user is informed of his/her password and user ID. This allows users to take advantage of all the services offered and to manage their master data online. It is also possible to use the Austrian citizen's card. With the exception of number administration, the eRTR services listed below are only relevant to communication service providers:

  • General approvals: Registration and cancellation
  • Financing contributions: Submission of data on projected revenues
  • Communications Survey Ordinance: Data submission
  • Market analysis: Data submission
  • Number administration: Number requests and returns

In the eRTR portal, the user can fill out forms online and either send them to RTR directly or download them. State-of-the-art security technology ensures that all data transferred remains strictly confidential.

Link to to registration form

Link to Web interface