Spectrum release plan

In the short to medium term, the regulatory authority anticipates procedures for awarding spectrum in the ranges listed below: 

To ensure planning security for the market participants, on 19 December 2016 the regulatory authority published the following rough timetable, in tandem with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie) (see Downloads). This legally non-binding plan is intended to reflect the authorities’ current assessment of future spectrum awards. In no way does the plan prejudice any later Telekom-Control-Kommission decision that might depart from the plan.

The anticipated timetable for awarding the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz range plans for the auction to begin in the first quarter of 2019. The schedule for the succeeding awards (especially of the 700, 1500 and 2100 MHz bands) also depends on whether the timetable for awarding the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz range can be met. The regulatory authority expects to be able to hold the 700/1500/2100 MHz auction one year after completion of the 3.4 to 3.8 GHz auction. This is contingent on the Federal Minister’s formal approval of the version of the Tender Document adopted by the TKK, and is subject to modification in response to any changes in the legal framework or to any external factors, such as mergers, that might influence the auction and require it to be postponed.

As of: 2018-07-12