International relations

RTR’s international activities are geared toward the following principle objectives:

Proactive involvement

Through its participation in the work of international bodies, RTR contributes proactively to shaping the international framework conditions, always with a view to the impact of the European framework on the Austrian telecommunications market. The international work of RTR, which takes place in different bodies like OECD, CEPT, etc. in different roles, is to benefit the Austrian customers, consumers as well as companies.

Cooperation with other regulatory authorities

Due to the European legal framework, RTR cooperates closely with other European regulatory authorities.  The aim of this cooperation is the harmonised application of the legal framework to ensure equal competition opportunities for all European market participants.

Fast reaction to international developments

Through the exchange of experience with other regulatory authorities at international level, current international market and regulation developments can be evaluated with regard to their applicability in Austria. This allows a quick application of existing solutions to Austria.

International knowledge exchange

RTR discusses its experiences and best practices in various international bodies and thus promotes the international exchange of knowledge.

Regulatory concept

In its regulatory concept, published in January 2015, the Telekom-Control Commission (TKK) emphasizes the need for expert work at the European level and encourages RTR to continue its international involvement especially in areas with close links to and possible impacts on the Austrian market. Against this background, the cooperation with BEREC is of particular importance. More information can be found on the following pages.

The regulatory concept of the TKK can be found at the following link (only available in German):